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Einstein Again

>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Albert Einstein Comes To America (1933)

George Bernard Shaw pays tribute to professor Albert Einstein at a dinner at the Savoy Hotel, London.

These are Steve Gelbart's family movies of when his father, Abe Gelbart, took them to Princeton in 1947 and met with many scientific luminaries.

In order of appearance:
opening scene: Atle Selberg at left, Carl Ludwig Siegel at right (the middle two people are unknown)

Around 33 seconds: Einstein

1:06 Godel on left

1:25 Selberg at the right, his wife Heddy in the middle

1:41 Paul Erdos (left) and Hermann Weyl (right)

3:01 Paul Dirac at right, and his student Harish-Chandra at left

And in the last second, Steve Gelbart along with his twin brother Bill, and their mother.


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